Stratexio is a training program for CEOs based on the sharing of experiences and the acquisition of expertise. Founded by employers' organizations, Stratexio aims to accelerate the growth of French companies on international markets. Stratexio has helped many companies succeed in setting up the first site in Turkey, have record sales of IT services in India, starting up a cosmetics market in Brazil, doubling their turnover in United States, etc. The collective intelligence is at the center of our method: thanks to the program and to exchanges between peers, companies are better prepared, better structured, and can rationalize their international development in terms of market selection, penetration methods, and the subsequent deployment. All of this items leads to building strong and sustainable international growth. Besides, the program provides access to a network to find the right contacts and the support of professional organizations to unblock difficult situations. To follow the program delivered by Stratexio is not only to succeed for oneself but also to help others succeed too. The values we believe in and share are mutual aid, teamwork, respect, listening, confidentiality, trust, and conviviality.