Feu de Camp

Oct 7, 2021 | 9:50 AM CEST - 5:00 PM CEST


Join us around the "fire" to witness the synergies between communities and exchange together on common themes of innovation and future. All day long, 40 entrepreneurs will be present. They will tell us about the sacred fire that drives them in their daily lives as entrepreneurs, some will tell us about their innovation that sets the world on fire, others will give us their vision of tomorrow's world, the challenges we will have to face and respond to by firing on all cylinders. A dozen entrepreneurs will share flamboyant stories and present innovations that are all fire, all flame. 09h50 : 9:50am: Introduction and launch of the Campfire stage with Arnaud Caudoux, Deputy Managing Director Bpifrance and Patrice Bégay, Executive Director Communication and Bpifrance Excellence. 10-11am Avoir le feu sacré : Philippe Guillaud, CEO, MatchTune & André Manoukian, Chairman, MatchTune Mettre le feu aux poudres : Matthieu Masselin, CEO, Wandercraft & Fanny Sockeel, CEO, Primaa Histoire flamboyante : Romain Schmitt, Founder, Farmcube All fire and brimstone: Victor Desreumaux & Pénélope Nazaret, Students and members of the management committee, Robo'Lyon Faire feu de tout bois : Thomas Arnaudo, CEO and co-founder, & Anne Quillet, Marketing & Communication Manager, Recyclivre 11am-12pm Histoire flamboyante : Grégory Clément, Co-founder, Bagel Corner Fire in all directions: Stéphane Morin, Coach & mentor, Robolyon & Yann Jaubert, President, Alfi Technologies Avoir le feu sacré : Yves Noirot, Managing Director, Fonderies de Sougland & Juliette Rapinat Freudiger, Managing Director, Mathou & Loxos Setting things on fire: François Delporte, Co-founder and CEO, Rocambole & Vincent Péquignot, Founder and CEO, Gamabilis Tout feu tout flamme : Olivier d'Avesnes, CEO and co-founder, Whatizis - monument Avoir le feu sacré : Yves Noirot, Managing Director, Fonderies de Sougland & Juliette Rapinat Freudiger, Managing Director, Mathou & Loxos 2pm-3pm Avoir le feu sacré : Pascal Teurquetil, President, Muller Group & Didier Lathuille, President, Lathuille-Hudry Mettre le feu aux poudres : Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO, Arianee & Clement Bergé-Lefranc, CEO, Ownest Histoire flamboyante : Gregory Ouanhon, CEO, Good Hero & Laurent Zeitoun, CCO, Good Hero Faire feu de tout bois : Frédéric Viet, President, Rougnon Group & Amandine Aubert, President and co-founder, EcoGreenEnergy Tout feu tout flamme : Marie Drouillac, Communications Manager, DHL Express France 3pm-4pm Avoir le feu sacré : Sophie Chrétien-Kimmel, Co-founder, Sonorium & Florence Dauchez, Founder, Visible Histoire flamboyante : Paul Guedj & Alexis Troccaz, Co-founders, Corail Firing on all cylinders: Erwan Le Méné, Co-founder, Ecotree & David Godest, CEO, Dolmen / Treebal Histoire flamboyante : Damian Py, President, Daan Technologies Avoir le feu sacré : Christian Siest, President, Orrion Chemicals & Agnès Vernier, CMO, Tekyn 4pm-5pm Mettre le feu aux poudres : Thibault Viort, CEO, FASAB & Guillaume Laporte, CEO, Mindsay Histoire flamboyante : Anya Buyant, COO, Komet story & Tumen Buyant, CEO, Komet story All fire and brimstone: Guillaume Vassault-Houlière, CEO and co-founder, YesWeHack Mettre le feu aux poudres : Charlotte Rasser, Strategy & Scientific Affairs Manager, Corwave & Sandra Rey, Founder & CEO, Glowee 5pm-6pm Faire feu de tout bois : Marie Blanchard Brunel, Chief marketing & revenue officer, Addev Materials & Benoit Illy, Co-founder, Fairbrics Histoire flamboyante : Michaël Ponderant, Marketing and Communication Director, Nouveal Conclusion

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