The necessary return to the collective corporate adventure

Oct 7, 2021 | 12:30 PM CEST - 1:30 PM CEST


The Covid 19 crisis has damaged the company on several levels. The challenge for the company is to reinvest in the "adventure" that makes it a "company". It is a necessity to generate commitment and to re-create a strong collective. This workshop looks at the "return to the company" and not the return to work or the return to the office, as we may hear today. How can we do this? By having actors with complementary points of view and experiences discuss the following questions: - What characterizes an adventure today? Is it a commitment? Is it the participation of an individual in a collective story? - Deficit of commitment: is it because the adventure is no longer there? - What are the solutions to put adventure back at the heart of the company? Is the raison d'être the beginning of a rediscovery of the notion of corporate adventure?

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