Big 2023

M&A: Invest successfully in Asia - Winning strategies

Oct 5, 2023 | 2:10 PM - 2:55 PM



The volume of M&As in Asia is growing, resulting in the region's increasing share of the global M&A market. Asia is currently a popular investment destination offering a diverse range of opportunities which means foreign investors engaging in M&A transactions in the region will face certain challenges. Cross-border M&A transactions often involve unforeseen circumstances, and foreign investors must be prepared to adapt to the requirements and subtleties specific to each country and sector. Companies need help to effectively steer their way through this environment, identify potential investment targets, and determine appropriate pricing structures for their transactions. Lawyers LPA-CGR and Tiro Capital - two reputable firms with extensive experience in Asia - join forces to share their M&A expertise in Asia and provide solutions to these problems. The speakers delve into their knowledge based on real cases to provide advice on best practices and the pitfalls to avoid for operating successfully in Asia.


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