Big 2022

Les Premières


The Réseau Les Premières is the first French network of incubators specialized in supporting women and mixed teams creating innovative companies, impact and jobs. In a few figures : 17 years of expertise in the service of women entrepreneurs and mixed teams 1,000 entrepreneurs supported per year 15,000 entrepreneurs supported since our creation via a range of specialized training and support programs. A unique regional footprint: 23 incubators in 12 territories in metropolitan France, overseas territories and internationally. Projects with impact: we support entrepreneurs whose projects involve job creation and whose business model is ambitious and sustainable, with a strong impact on the territory where they are located. On a national level, the companies that are launched following our support have a sustainability rate of 85% and create an average of 2.4 jobs after 3 years. A powerful associative and voluntary logic: our incubator in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, for example, has calculated that it creates one job for every 1860€ invested.