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Formations France Num


France Num training: VSEs and SMEs, take a training course funded by the stimulus plan to start or accelerate your digital transformation. Two types of training are offered to help you discover and/or experiment with a solution to a specific need. France Num and Bpifrance, thanks to France relance, offer free training to help VSEs and SMEs develop or maintain their business using digital tools. Focused on concrete issues (improving visibility on social networks, securing your IT, improving well-being in the workplace, etc.), these training sessions allow small businesses to experiment with proven digital solutions in response to a real need. Two types of training are offered, online and/or in person: - Awareness is a short and condensed training session focused on operational difficulties that can be solved by specific digital solutions or uses. - Action support is a course of about 10 hours spread over 2 or 3 weeks. It allows to test tools and uses in the context of the company and to exchange with the trainers and the other coached companies. To find the training you need, visit our website.