Moovjee / Réseau Mentorat France


Moovjee, Mouvement pour les Jeunes et les Étudiants Entrepreneurs, created in 2009 by Dominique Restino and Bénédicte Sanson, accompanies young people between 18 and 30 years old who are embarking on entrepreneurship : • Support through mentoring: a relationship between entrepreneurial peers, based on exchange, trust and benevolence • Promote young entrepreneurship with the Moovjee Prize • Animate an intergenerational community of support and exchange Réseau Mentorat France is represented by Dominique Restino & Bénédicte Sanson since 2014 for the deployment of mentoring for all profiles of entrepreneurs in France: • Supporting through mentoring • Promote the values and good practices of mentoring • Supporting the implementation of mentoring systems within structures They are members of the Réseau Mentorat France: Chamber of Agriculture of Saône-et-Loire, IME, La Miel, ME93 and Moovjee.