Big 2022



Concept: Innovative 10-second toothbrush Y-Brush was created in Lyon in 2017 with the ambition to revolutionise the toothbrushing routine by making it simpler, more fun, more effective and faster thanks to a device called "Y-Brush", designed to simultaneously clean all the teeth in 10 seconds. To achieve this, Y-Brush has developed a flexible brush in the shape of a "Y" that adapts easily to different jaw shapes and incorporates extra-fine nylon filaments positioned at 45° to provide optimal tooth brushing. These developments have been made possible by a well supported complementary team, which has demonstrated its ability to develop unique French industrial know-how and bring to market a disruptive product, which overturns habits that have been in place in the population for centuries. In December 2019, the Company was labelled Deeptech by the Pouss@lys consortium, a French Tech Seed business provider in the Lyon and Saint-Etienne area. In March 2021, Bpifrance, via the FTS 1 Holding, invested €250K in the form of convertible bonds. We have just participated in their fundraising of c. 3.5M€ alongside business angels, industrialists. (Information not communicated to date, communication planned for September/October 2022).