[FRANCE & TUNISIA] - Bridging Angels


Bridging Angels invests with tickets from 50K€ to 200 K€, or even more in co-investment with their network or other groups of BA. Sector agnostic with a bias towards Fintech, e-commerce, Edtech, Agritech, Insurtech, Mobility. They target companies: - Having an MRR between 10K€ and 20K€. - Whose product can be internationalized - Having a roadmap in which internationalization is a key step. Criteria for a meeting: - A start-up that has already raised funds with BA - With annual sales (post revenues), - Raised for regional or international expansion Read before booking a slot: You must already have a solid project (finalized BP) and be in a fundraising stage. Do not hesitate to reach out with the link to your website and specify your needs. Each meeting request will be validated by one of our business analysts.