[BELGIUM] - BAN Vlaanderen


For more than 20 years, BAN Vlaanderen is the business angel network in Flanders. BAN Vlaanderen accompanies the entrepreneur through a full service package of value-added services, from intake into a wise deal. Angels from BAN Vlaanderen can unlock co-investment from regional support and loan schemes. This BAN is positioned on tickets from 25K€ to 1M€. Sector Agnostic. Criteria: - Investment mostly on Flemish startups, but also in adjacent areas. - Company needs to be looking for BA-investment. Please note that meetings are in English. Read before booking a slot: You must already have a solid project (finalized BP) and be in a fundraising stage. Do not hesitate to reach out with the link to your website and specify your needs. Each meeting request will be validated by one of our business analysts.