Big 2022

The largest business meeting in Europe

Thursday 7th of October 2021 
from 7 to 8:00 p.m.

Take-off for THE BIGGEST

Entrepreneurs, major groups, start-uppers, VSB, SMEs, midcaps...

 400 workshops, conferences and masterclasses 

A whole day to understand the issues of tomorrow and new tech trends

A huge place dedicated to networking to develop your business.

At Bpifrance, we like the word Conquer...

For it contains countless fundamental dimensions of life. 

What is unknown is conquered first. We conquer to stay, to live, to settle, not to ransom and leave. We never conquer alone. 

You only conquer what resists, including hearts. You can never conquer without being unaware. One never conquers without desire. Without courage. 

When you have conquered, you have changed. No matter how hard you look back, you don't know where you've been. 

We cherish this inexplicable part of the spirit of conquest, which is the essence of man and the mystery of entrepreneurship. 

It shapes the heart of freedom.

Managing Director of Bpifrance


Le 7 octobre 2021 à partir de 7h00  

AccorArena Paris 
Place du bataillon Pacifique 
75012 Paris


The Bercy district is getting into the colours of Big! 

Take part in our event and take advantage of its influence to organise your own in selected locations. 

Every year, the Accor Arena and the Bercy district are decked out in the colours of Bpifrance and welcome thousands of physical and digital participants. Big is an essential event for moving the lines and bringing together all our communities: the French Fab, the French Touch, the Coq vert, Les Excellence and many others. 

You too can benefit from the influence of Big thanks to the OFF and organise your event in one of our 24 partner venues. 

Join the OFF to conquer the world of tomorrow together!