Big 2024

The biggest European business gathering

October 10th

Accor ArenaParis

Yes! We have chosen “Progress” as our theme since we believe in its potential, like Robinson Crusoe on his island. We cherish the present, but we love our aspirations for the future even more. We view entrepreneurs as key drivers of societal change, advancing the frontiers of emancipation by dedicating their lives to the cause of progress every day. Inspired by their vision, we are equally enthusiastic about exploring vast possibilities and gaining valuable perspectives. We are particularly excited about the transformative power of technology, which we anticipate will radically alter our existence in the world. It is our responsibility to harness this energy and direct it toward creating a more just, peaceful, and enlightened society- a world that values gentleness, fairness, openness, education, tolerance, and subtlety.

Chief Executive Officer of Bpifrance
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